Derrimon & Main Event in TOP 10

Main Event moved into the top list of Junior market stocks along with Derrimon Trading, this week, replacing Jamaican Teas and Caribbean Cream that entered the list last week and Pulse Investments and Sagicor Group are in the Main market listing.
Main Event fell back to $5.50 at the end of the past week, from $5.75, the week before, to reenter the list, while Jamaican Teas came in for some buying that lifted the price slightly, to $4.10, to see it leaving. Radio Jamaica is removed from the list as six months’ results suggest that earnings will be hard pressed to exceed the 6 cents reported for the 2017 fiscal year. Also out is Cable & Wireless, with nine months’ results suggesting lower profit than originally projected for the full year to December.
Derrimon Trading reported net profit for this three months to September from core business, jumping 56 percent to $27 million over the $17.5 million reported for the corresponding period in 2016. The consolidated net profit for the nine months was $132 million, up 22 percent over the corresponding period in 2016. Earnings per share amounted to 48 cents for the nine months and seems on track to end the year at 60 cents.
On Friday Lasco Financial, a former TOP 10 stock, hit a new record high of $6.60 following the reported profit that more than doubled in the September quarter to $100 million and up 63 percent to $167 million for the six months as well as from news of the acquisition of CrediScotia operations.
At the close of Friday, the average PE ratio for Junior Market Top stocks is at 9 and a PE at 8.5 for the main market TOP 10. The average PE for the overall main market is 15 and 14 for Junior Market, based on 2017 estimated earnings.
At the close of the week, IC’s TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 35 percent to the average of the market for Junior Market Top stocks and 43 percent for the main market.
Market Watch| Investors should keep a keen eye for Caribbean Cement, Cable & Wireless that appears scarce under $1, NCB Financial, Berger Paints, JMMB Group, Lasco Financial, Paramount Trading, Derrimon Trading and Stationery and Office.

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