Jetcon Flavours in TOP 5

There were few changes in the TOP 5 listing this past week, but Jetcon fell out of the list having climbed to $7 at the close of the week, to help flavour in Caribbean Flavours into the top list.
Price movements saw Access Financial edging towards the exit with the bid now at $26.50 and buying pushing the price up during the week as a connected party bought stock at $25.50. The stock last traded at $25.20 and closed without any stock being offer for sale.
The stocks of the main market listing, remained without change but Cement saw its price moved up to close out the week at $36 as well as did JMMB Group with heavily trading during the week.

Jetcon & CWJ set for 2017 top spots

C&W set to be 2017 top stock from the main market.

By the end of 2017, the two top stocks on the Jamaica Stock Exchange is forecasted by IC Insider to be the 2016 listed Jetcon Corporation and previously battered Cable and Wireless that should be reporting good profits for the year.
In the just concluded week, Caribbean Cream (Kremi) and Lasco Financial that entered the IC Insider’s TOP 5 at the end of December, only spent one week in the list. Both stocks climbed during the past week with Lasco Financial moving up 18 percent to $3.67 and Caribbean Cream gained 14 percent to $8.55. Key Insurance rose 14 percent during the week and General Accident was up 7 percent.
Entering the TOP 5 for the first time, is Dolphin Cove, and returning is Jetcon Corporation at 4th and 5th spot, respectively. Investors have lost confidence in Dolphin Cove even as the company continues to produce decent results and having good prospects, with the major expansion in the tourism industry. Profit to September last year, was up 11 percent to $1.17 per share, exceeding the results for the entire 2015.
Jetcon reported in their September quarterly

Dolphin Cove moved into the IC Insider’s TOP 5 junior market stocks.

report that they “had another quarter of strong results with revenues climbing 86 percent over the September 2015 quarter, to $267 million and climbed 61 percent to $610 million for the nine months. Profit grew 275 percent to $35 million from $9 million in the September quarter, compared with the similar period in 2015 and is up 141 percent for the nine months period over the same period in 2015.” Profit for the nine months ended at $67 million and had exceeded the $40 million after tax, earned for the full year of 2015. In mid-September the company also reported that “subsequent to the Quarter, revenues continue be ahead of the same period for 2015 by approximately 70 percent,” suggesting that the final quarter should continue to reflect the robust performance seen in the earlier months. Jetcon is poised to be IC Insider’s top junior market stock for 2017, followed by ISP Finance, based on IC Insider’s forecast.
There were not much movement in the main market stocks during the week. Radio Jamaica moved out of the TOP 5, having gained in price during the week and is replaced by National Commercial Bank, at the number 5 position. The banking group is still selling cheaper than Scotia Group with earnings for the 2017 year to be released by the end of January. IC Insider is forecasting $8 per share earnings for 2017 with increased dividend payments around $3 per share, suggesting the stock has much room for growth. The number 1 main market stock is projected to be Cable & Wireless followed by Barita Investments. Last year this publication stated that Barita was the best main market stock back in September, it is now up by 93 percent since but has much more gains ahead with projected earnings of $1.75 for 2017.

Note: One of our writers is a director of two junior companies, Jetcon Corporation and Jamaican Teas. Connected parties to IC may hold shares in companies commented on from time to time.

Kremi & Lasco Financial in TOP 5

Investors’ activity in the junior market resulted in changes to the IC Insider’s TOP 5 list from that for December 9. AMG Packaging with gains of 38 percent and Blue Power with gains of 46 percent dropped off the list.
Caribbean Cream and Lasco Financial entered the top listing with potential gains based on fiscal year 2015/16 of 81 and 71 percent respectively.
Derrimon Trading fell back during the period to $3.55 to re-enter the list but has since shot up to $5.50 to be sitting well below the TOP 5 with gains of 77 percent since it entered the top 5 initially. Announcement that the company deposited money to acquire a large block of the shares in Caribbean Flavours spurred the move in the stock price.
In the IC Insider’s TOP 5, the candidates remain unchanged for the main market, with investors’ interest being focussed on other stocks in the main market.
The list comprises potential gains based on current estimated earnings which are likely to drive stock prices before the 2017 earnings start to have a full effect.
The 2017 list based on IC Insider’s earnings forecast is likely to vary quite a bit from those on the current list.

Flavours out Blue Power in TOP 5

Investors pushed the price of Caribbean Flavours to $9.99 during the past week and out of the IC Insider’s TOP 5 of junior market stocks list, allowing Blue Power to return at the bottom of the list. AMG Packaging price fell back and the stock moved up on the list to number 2 spot.
Top 5 stks 9-12-16In the IC Insider’s TOP 5, the candidates remain unchanged but Caribbean Cement benefited from an announcement that the Cemex Group who are offering to but majority stake in Trinidad, if successful may consider delisting shares in Barbados and Jamaica including subsidiaries after a full review of the Caribbean operations. Carib Cement moved to 4th position and is worth watching in the week to come. There are 6 offers in the market at the close of trading on Friday, ranging from $36.48 to sell 10,000 units, 10,000 units at $37, the next is 2,300 shares at $44 with the next being at $45 and $60. Bids for the stocks are not very aggressive with the only meaningful one being at $34.01 to buy 69,000 shares.

General Accident in Blue Power out

Blue Power leaves TOP 5.

Blue Power leaves TOP 5.

General Accident Insurance dropped in price during the week to be back in the junior market TOP 5 pushing Blue Power just out of the TOP 5, as demand pushed the latter up to $23 as the company reported strong increase in profit for the second quarter to October.
Blue Power has sales for the quarter ended October 2016 increasing of $42 million or 14 percent to $339 million over the October 2015 period, while profit for quarter profit jumped 146 percent over the 2015 quarter to $32 million. For the half-year, profit more than doubled to $70 million from $32 million with earnings per share of $1.23 as revenues climbed just over 13 percent to $678 million.Top 5 stks 2-12-16
Jetcon Corporation that fell out of the top list in the week ending November 18 continues to climb away from the top list with gains during the past week. Barita Investments exited the TOP 5 during the week ending November 25 and has gone on the record further gains during the past week, as investors continue to react positively to the prospects for an outstanding 2017 based on the strong gains in net interest income and fee income for the stockbroker’s September quarter. These two stocks are up 64 percent and 77 percent respectively since they entered the Top 5 in September. Paramount Trading exited the TOP 5 and now has gains of 164 percent.

Barita up 61% & exists top 5 Pulse in

Barita is one of the top IC Insider's stock for growth over the next 12 months in the main market.

Barita is one of the top IC Insider’s stock for growth over the next 12 months in the main market.

Barita Investments looks like the stock to deliver the best returns in the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, was the lead to IC Insider’s start to the TOP 5 series in September. The stock priced then at $3.15, is now out of the TOP 5 main market list with a 61 percent gain, when it closed the week at $5.
Barita has been replaced by Pulse Investments. The latter just released the September quarterly report with the best quality of earnings in years, with an improving cash flow compare with prior periods and increased earnings of 32 cents per share. Excluding fair value gains on real estate holdings, earnings per share would be around 23 cents or 90 cents per share annualised. The stock price has room for growth in the coming months.
Kingsley Cooper Chairman of Pulse

Kingsley Cooper Chairman of Pulse

The recommendation to buy Barita was a bold one, coming against the background of a stock that had not performed well in recent times before September as well as that a large brokerage house in August, recommended investors to sell the stock based on a number of factors. Specifically they said, “Initiatives implemented during the last financial year have thus far been successful in supporting both net interest income growth as well as fee income. The recent rally in Emerging Market bond prices should help Barita to recover from the decline experienced in the period. That said, we expect just a marginal increase in year on year net profit. Given this expectation we estimate BIL shares to be valued at approximately $2.35 by applying the market average P/E to estimated EPS. Therefore at a current market price of $3.10, we are recommending a SELL on BIL”. Interestingly, IC Insider assessment indicates that based on the extremely good quality of the company’s fourth quarter earnings, profits should be hitting a range of $1.50 to $2 per share for the current fiscal year and investors should be seeing a huge uptick in the price.
Top 5 stks 25-11-16Barita reported earnings excluding one off write down of investments of $171 million or 38 cents per share in the September quarter up 140 percent over the $70 million earned in the similar period in 2015.
Barita Investments is undergoing change and this has driven up fee income sharply which is replacing interest income formerly generated form the repo business. Net interest income climbed sharply in 2016 as new business jumping to $127 million from just $44 million in the September 2015 quarter. Barita has also built up a large pool of unrealized gain on investments which can be released to profit in the future.
The other selections in the top 5 have not changed much during the week, except for a rise in the price of Key Insurance to $2.45. The junior market listings are being generally held back due to a lack of supply of shares being offered for sale.

Key Insurance in at top of TOP 5

Key Insurance listing ceremony.

Key Insurance listing ceremony.

Key Insurance climbed into the Top 5 of the IC Insider’ junior market list, at the number one spot. The rise came about as a result of a turnaround in the company’s September quarterly results, to overcome a drag the losses reported in the June had on the profit and the stock price.
IC Insider’s forecast is for earnings per share of approximately 35 cents for 2016, for Key, suggesting the potential for a big rise in the stock price. It is noted that the only offer for the stock is 34,688 at $3.50 with the highest bid at $2.15 to buy 40,700 shares.
Jetcon Corporation has fallen out of the Top five due to a combination of a rise in Jetcon’s price, following strong third quarter results and the ascension of Key Insurance to the list. Access Financial that has been in the TOP 5 for a long time also reported strong increased profit, with a hike of 95 percent for the September quarter and a 60 percent rise to $353 million for the six months to September.
Barita could be the star performer from the TOP 5 main market stocks as demand has come in for the stock, while supply has declined.IC Top 5 18-11-16 While the investment bank reported 54 cents per share for the full year to September, earnings from ongoing operations is more like 65 cents per share. Most importantly, the information that says the stock is an outstanding buy candidate, is the quality of the final quarter results, with strong growth in fee income and net interest income and less reliance on investment and foreign exchange gains. The final quarter results, suggest earnings should end up around $1.50 in 2017. JMMB Group came in with big increased earnings, one off gains may have played a big role in the big increase but even without that, the stock is undervalued with earnings from ongoing operations in the $2 range.

Grace out JMMB in TOP 5

Grace Kennedy is out of the TOP 5 list having released nine months results with earnings that are lower than what was previously indicated from the six months results. The stock is replaced with JMMB Group that is on at number 5 in the main market with potential gains of 134 percent.
Access Financial has moved to the top of the junior market listing. The company has not yet posted results to September but results for Proven Investment show that its associated company, Access’ profit in the September quarter is up 80 percent and 50 percent for the six months, an indication that IC Insider’s forecast for earnings Top 5 stks 11-11-16of $3 for the year is on target. The other stocks have held their respective places but with Jetcon price rising during the past week to $5 from $4.51.
Barita Investments reported earnings of 54 cents per share but it’s more like 65 cents from ongoing earnings, more importantly, ongoing earnings in the September quarter is of the order of 37 cents or close to $1.20 annualised. The investment company made more money from fees and interest income and less on investment and foreign exchange gains than in the past.

Top 5 record first 100% gain

Paramount Trading closed at an all-time high of $29 last week and gained 107% since early september.

Paramount Trading closed at an all-time high of $29 last week and gained 107% since early september.

Paramount Trading entered the Top 5 junior market list from the start in September, by the second week the price jumped pushing it out of the top listing. This past week, the stock closed at $29, and gained 107 percent from the Top 5 entry price of $14.
With the stock to be split into 10 units for each one now in issue by mid November, the price seems set to go higher with the expansion into lubricant manufacturing expected to boost profit in the next full fiscal year.
There is no new entry to the Top 5 list this week for either the junior market or the main market list but price movements resulted in changes in positions.
A number of companies released results for the third quarter with some not providing figures that could help to improve the prices of the relevant stocks. One such is Caribbean Cement that reported a loss in the September quarter, the result of closure of the factory for 45 days for refurbishing of the kiln. This does not affect the strong prospects for 2017 that will benefit from lower cost resulting from a reduced work force and a more efficient plant and increase demand for cement to flow from a growing economy.Top 5 stks 4-11-16 AMG Packaging reported slightly better full year results to August with profit of $83 million versus $80 million but profit for the last quarter declined to $17 million from $27 million in 2015, the company incurred a loss of $41 million for the year from sales of just $2 million in the new tissue operation. Gross profit margin climbed to $177 million compared to $149 million with sales declining from $633 million down to $629 million but other cost rose from $72 million to $100 million.
The next in line to the Top 5 in the junior market are tTECH, Caribbean Producers, Jamaican Teas, Eppley and Medical Associates and in the main market are Palace, JMMB Group, National Commercial Bank, Pan Jamaican and Sterling Investments.

Sagicor Group profit climbs 49%

Sag bnk logoSagicor Group net profit attributable to Stockholders jumped 49 percent to $3.1 billion for the September quarter and 27 percent to $7.39 billion for the nine-month to September, over the similar period in 2015.
Improvement in realized gains from securities trading played a big role in the increased profit with investment income rising 43 percent or $1.6 Billion in the quarter to $5.5 billion and a rise of 20 percent or $2.6 billion to $15.56 billion for the nine months to September.
Earnings per stock ended at 79 cents for the quarter and $1.89 for the nine months compared to $1.49 in 2015 and could end around the $3 region by the end of the financial year. Return on average Stockholders’ Equity was 19 percent compared to 17 percent.
“Our core Insurance and Banking businesses produced good results. The overall performance was principally driven by good business growth across all lines, greater than expected capital gains on sale of securities and favourable benefits experience“, management stated in their report to shareholders.

Rose Hall hotel owned by Sagicor Real Estate fund

Rose Hall hotel owned by Sagicor Real Estate fund

Revenues for the quarter rose 25 percent to $16.3 billion versus $13.1 billion in 2015, for the nine months, revenues came in at $45.33 billion, better than prior year by 14 percent. Revenues include net premium income of $25 billion rising from $22.35 billion in 2015. Realized capital gains from securities trading of $3.29 billion, were substantially up on prior year.
Administrative expenses of $10.8 billion, were 13 percent more than in 2015, well below the rate of growth in revenues. “The cost increase was driven by higher staff costs, expenses relating to our expanded credit cards program and other non-recurring items,” management said in their report to shareholders. For the September quarter, administrative expenses rose 11 percent to $3.7 billion
Sagicor Group comprises a number of companies offering financial products and services, including life and health insurance; annuities; pensions administration; investment services; commercial banking; investments banking; captives management; property management and real estate sales and rentals.
The company shares are listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange and last traded at $23.18 and is undervalued.