Carib Producers returns to IC TOP 10

Caribbean Producers back in TOP 10

Caribbean Producers climbed back into the Junior market IC TOP 10 stock listing but there was no change to the main market list. Main Event dropped out of the top list having recovered from a big price fall in the previous week.
Caribbean Producers recently released full year results that were slightly lower than the year before but with a 10 percent rise in revenues. A lower profit margin by 2 percent and an increase of 10 percent in administrative and selling expenses resulted in lower profit but forecast suggest that earnings for 2019 should be up strongly to around 65 Jamaican cents. The company will have to report new results to see the likely increased earnings start to show up in the stock price.
During the past week, the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange, racked up 5 consecutive days of record close on Friday and 11 record close in a row, while the Junior market closed the week for with two record close, for the first time since May 2017.
The gains in the two markets is driving the PE ratio of the market higher with the overall PE for the Junior Market rising from to 13 and the main market from 13.7 last week to 13.7 and 14 respectively, this week. Recent movement in the PE suggest that average PE for the market will end 2018 around 18 and 20 by the end of January as conditions continue to favour stocks as the preferred investment of choice along with real estate.
The PE ratio for Junior Market Top 10 stocks average 8.9 up from 8.7 last week, as the market continues to revalue the multiple higher. The latest valuation compares to an average PE for the overall market of 14.3, based on 2018 estimated earnings. The main market PE is now 8.8 and is the up from 8.5 last week, for the top stocks, compared to a market average of 14.6.
The TOP 10 stocks now trade at an average discount of 38 percent to the average for the Junior Market Top stocks but it’s a third of what the average PE for the year is likely to be of 20 times earnings and main market stocks traded at a discount of 40 percent to the market.
TOP 10 stocks are likely to deliver the best returns within a 12 months period. Stocks are selected based on projected earnings for each company’s current fiscal year. Based on an assumed PE for each, the likely gains are determined and then ranked, with the stocks with the highest potential gains ranked first followed by the rest, in descending order. Potential values will change as stock prices fluctuate and will result in movements of the selection in and out of the lists for most weeks. Earnings per share are revised on an ongoing basis based on new information received that can result in changes in and out of the list as well.

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