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There are few opportunities in the stock market to generate significant gains than from a beaten-down stock that has strong credentials, dominating the sector it focuses on and has been growing. This is the case with the Montego Bay-based, Caribbean Producers that has seen good times and bad times in the recent past but was enjoying a strong rebound in the first two quarters of the 2020 fiscal year.

Caribbean Producers back in TOP 10

The company’s primary market is the tourist industry. With a virtual closure of the industry currently, sales have come under severe pressure and that will hit the bottom-line severely, even if for a few months. Until the adverse reaction of the market to the Coronavirus outbreak, technical indicators showed that the stock was consolidating with the possibility of a break out from the $5 level with six months results coming far better than the disappointed 2018 half-year results. All that has changed for now as the stock nosedived to $2 as heavy selling pressured the stock.
Expectations are that the company’s third and fourth-quarter results will show the negative impact of the closure of hotels on sales and profit. Investors should bear in mind that the fiscal year starting July may not be affected or not as severely as the second half of the current fiscal year. Importantly, revenues rose 11 percent in September and in the December quarters to US$32.4 from US$29.4 million. IC forecast is for a small profit in the March quarter to add to the profit of US$89,000 reported for the 2019 half-year. The stock price collapsed from $5 it was trading at in February to a low of $2 recently. This fall is worse than when they lost US$1.2 million in the year to June 2019 when it still traded above $4. Admittedly, the company has US$39 million of borrowed funds that exposes it to a high degree of risk if the disruption in the business is prolonged. While interest-bearing debt climbed during the year, shareholders’ equity stood at US$22.5 million.
CPJ‘s profit declined 162 percent for the year ended June 2019 to a loss of US$1.17 million compared to a profit of US$1.88 million for the year ending June 2018, with operating revenue for the year amounting to US$94.6 million from US$93.3 million in 2018. The loss resulted from a decline in profit margin in the year and US$679,713 write-off of the cost of developing the inventory IT management system.
For six months to December 2019, gross profit rose faster that growth in revenues at 19 percent to US$8.5 from $7.1 million. Selling and administrative expenses slipped from US$5.8 million in 2018 to US$5.4 million to US$20 million. Finance costs increased in the year to US$791,818 from US$411,143 in 2018 and depreciation jumped from US$609,271 to US$1.4 million.
There are risks in investing in the stock current, but the low price makes it a compelling buy for a big pay off in 2021. IC rates the stock a buy based on full or nearly full recovery, for the 2021 fiscal year.

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