BOJ now paying over 4% on CDs

Interest rates rose to 4.17 percent in the latest Bank of Jamaica 30 day CD offering of 12 billion on Wednesday last week, up from 3.28 percent on Wednesday, October 6 and well over the new overnight rate of 1.5 percent.
Having settled at a low of just over 0.5 percent for the past two years, the latest rate marks a significant shift in a very short time frame, a development that investors should watch carefully.
At the recent auction, the central bank received 53 bids amounting to $14 billion for $12 billion on offer, 46 bids were successful up to 5.27 percent and came after BOJ increased their overnight rate to 1.5 percent. The total nominal outstanding amount for the 30-day CDs $46.5 billion, similar to the week before, but well above the $35.5 billion at the end of July.
At the same time, the Government of Jamaica Treasury bill auction on Wednesday, October 10, rates on the three tenors on offer ended with an average rate of 2.165 percent for the 90 day offer that attracted $2.246 billion for the $700 million on offer. The 181 days offer saw $1.974 billion chasing the $700 million offered and resulted in an average rate of 2.75 percent and the 273 days T-bill pulled in $1.865 billion for $800 million offered and resulted in an average rate of 3.69 percent.
The range for yields for full allotment is 1.45 percent to 2.85 percent for the 91 day T-Bill, 1.5 percent to 3.05 percent or the 182 days T-bill and 2.41 percent to 4.75 percent for the longest dated bill.
On Thursday, October 21, the central bank will auction $4.5 billion 365 days Certificate of deposit.

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