BNS dumps US$19m in 2 days

sotia firvw 1 Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
bought just US$3.9 million on Friday but sold US$17.8 million. On Thursday BNS sold US$12.6 million compared buying of only US$7.97 million, resulting in a net sale of US$19 in the two days.

On Thursday, National Commercial Bank (NCB) also sold more than they bought, with buying accounting for $6 million and selling US$10.5 million. NCB’s trade on Friday, was more balanced, with selling of just US$1 million more than they bought. While Scotia’s average selling rate was $115.70 on Thursday, on Friday it fell to $115.57, in contrast NCB’s average selling rate on Friday was $115.75 and $115.69 on Thursday.
FX sum 20-2-15There was more selling than buying of foreign currencies by dealers on Friday, with purchases of all currencies amounting to US$47,277,720 compared with US$42,778,081, on Thursday. Selling was the equivalent of US$64,474,492 versus US$52,219,662 sold on Thursday.
In US dollar trading, dealers bought US$44,421,153 compared to US$38,951,367 on Thursday. The buying rate for the US dollar climbed 5 cents to $115.28 and US$62,378,941 was sold versus US$49,786,691 on Thursday, the selling rate dropped 9 cents to $115.60. The Canadian dollar buying rate climbed 21 cents to $90.57 with dealers buying C$1,055,161, and selling C$1,040,220, at an average rate that remained unchanged at $92.62. The rate for buying the British Pound dropped $1.04 to $175.24 for the purchase of £1,068,882, while £726,396 was sold, at an average rate of $177.48, down by 44 cents. At the end of trading it took J$131.77 to purchase the Euro, 35 cents more than on Thursday, according to data from Bank of Jamaica, while dealers purchased the European common currency at J$129.28 for 34 cents over the rate on Thursday. Other currencies bought, amounted to the equivalent of US$402,706 while the equivalent of US$146,908, was sold.
FXhl 20-2-15Highs & Lows| The highest buying rate for the US dollar and the lowest buying rates remained at $115.90 and $94.52 respectively. The highest selling lost 11 cents to $121.12. The lowest selling rate fell 66 cents to $94.36. The highest buying rate for the Canadian dollar fell $1.68 to $92.32, the lowest buying rate dipped 92 cents to $73.12. The highest selling rate rose 12 cents to $95.56 and the lowest selling rate lost $1.10 to $88.10. The highest buying rate for the British Pound, dropped 74 cents to $177.76. The lowest buying rate climbed 21 cents to $142.97, the highest selling rate dropped $2.14 to $181.90 and the lowest selling rate was up 25 cents to $172.25.

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