Berger’s stellar performance

Berger price jumped on Friday after posting strong 2016 results.

Berger Paints released results to December, showing profit of $251 million and $1.17 per share for the nine months period, versus $110 million for 2015. Revenues climbed 17.8 percent in the December quarter, to $1.9 billion or 14.4 percent from $1.67 billion in 2015.
For the quarter, earnings were $185 million versus $80 million in the 2015 quarter, with revenues climbing 17.8 percent in the December quarter to $895 million.
Berger ended with cash of $158 million in December, having generated $370 million from operations before build up in working capital. The gross cash inflows, places it in a good position to continue to pay out a rich dividend, which they should do later in the year. According to the cash flow statement, receivables jumped by $378 million over the March 2016 position. That would put it at $700 million, as of December 2016. The majority of this amount should be cleared by the end of March.
Unfortunately, the Berger report does not conform to international standards for reporting interim results. The effect is there is no information on direct and indirect cost and gross profit and the balance sheet carries little information as to the composition of the current assets and liabilities. Accordingly, investors, cannot make proper assessment of its performance.
A final dividend of 20 cents per share totalling $42.864 million was paid July 2016. The stock responded well to the numbers, with investors pushing it to a new record high of $6.75 in early morning trading on Friday, on the Jamaica Stock Exchange. IC forecast earnings of $1.10 for the full year to March 2017 and $1.60 for the 2018 fiscal year.

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