Bank of Jamaica hikes ON rate to1.5%

Bank of Jamaica, the central Bank of Jamaica day raise their Over Night interbank rate by one percentage to 1.5 percent. The rise follows the Bank’s announcement at the end of August that the announced the decision to consider commencing a tightening of monetary policy at the next meeting of the Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee in September and to immediately implement other measures aimed at moderating inflation expectations, including the containment of Jamaican dollar liquidity expansion.
A precursor to the policy rate increase and further tightening of the financial market, the CDs offered by the BOJ on September 29 resulted in a continuation in the rise of CD rates to 2.59 percent from 0.59 percent at the end of July.
The overnight rate was last cut to 0.50 percent in August 2019. It remained at that level up to the end of September. It ultimately dragged other rates in the system down and resulted in significant savings in interest costs for the government.
Consistent with meeting its inflation target sustainably in the medium term, the MPC agreed to continue increasing the Bank’s policy rate and by extension raising real interest rates, which are currently significantly negative and maintaining or intensifying the accompanying measures. This position is subject to inflation and other macroeconomic data evolving as projected.

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