Aggressive growth stocks pay big

Stocks of companies that have the potential for active expansions, are likely to do better than those companies relying mainly on agronomic growth.
Investors in these aggressive growth companies may well enjoy slower growth in the early years of a large expansion, but pick up explosive growth in the latter stage of the investment cycle. Smaller companies in strong growth cycle are likely to do better than large companies unless the latter makes a really big expansion.
Listed companies with aggressive growth based on actual or planned expansion are: main market stocks – NCB Financial, Barita Investments, PanJam Investment, Jamaica Broilers, Jamaica Producers, Kingston Wharves, Proven Investments and Seprod. Others in the main market to have above average growth include Jamaica Stock Exchange due to continued new listings and increase in the number of investors coming to the market. Caribbean Cement, who have completed an upgrading of the plant in 2018, Palace Amusement with expansion into Portmore with a new cinema house comprising 4 separate cinemas and Wisynco Group that continues to focus on expanding its range of products either to manufacture or distribute for third parties are three that offer above average growth prospects.
In the Junior Market- Access Financial, Derrimon Trading, Elite Diagnostic, Eppley, Express Catering, Fontana, Indies Pharma, Jamaican Teas, Knutsford Express, Lasco Financial, Lasco Manufacturing, Medical Disposables and Paramount Trading,
Cargo Handlers may not be an aggressive growth company but it has amassed a good pool of cash that will allow it to expand by acquisitions if the directors so desire.

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