9 all for Junior Market – Thursday

The evenness of the advance decline ratio in trading on Thursday pretty much sums up trading on the Junior Market as the market index hardly moved, closing just 1.20 points down to close at 3,086.75 after the prices of 9 securities advanced, 9 declined and 4 remained unchanged.
At the close of market activities,22 securities changed hands, resulting in an exchange of just 2,324,843 units valued at $12,333,157 compared to 737,126 units valued at $3,562,822 on Wednesday.
IC bid-offer Indicator|At the end of trading, the Investor’s Choice bid-offer indicator reading had 3 stocks ending with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 with lower offers.
Trading closed with an average of just 105,675 units for an average of $560,598 in contrast to 40,951 units for an average of $197,935 on Wednesday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 169,372 units valued at $694,911 and previously, 172,947 units valued at $702,449. Trading in June, ended with an average of 139,543 units, valued at $671,002 for each security traded.
At the close of trading, Cargo Handlers traded 106,070 shares and gained 35 cents to $10, Caribbean Cream ended trading 20,600 units, rising b 30 cents to $5.80, Caribbean Flavours traded with a rise of 10 cents to $12.10, with 2,900 stock units changing hands, Caribbean Producers added 30 cents in exchanging 5,000 units at $5.80, C2W Music ended at $2, with 10,200 shares traded. Derrimon Trading concluded trading with a loss of 50 cents at $20.50, with 1,500 shares, Elite Diagnostic settled 10 cents higher at $2.90, with 29,004 units, Express Catering traded with a loss of 10 cents at $7.70, with 2,538 shares changing hands, FosRich Group fell 13 cents to $2.42, trading 34,309 shares. Honey Bun concluded trading 30 cents higher at $5, with 8,300 shares changing hands, Jamaican Teas traded 6,406 stock units at $5, Jetcon Corporation closed at $4.10, with 29,139 units, Key Insurance climbed 45 cents to $3.47, exchanging just 1,000 shares. KLE Group closed at $2.90, with 72,767 shares, Knutsford Express ended with a loss of 5 cents at $11.55, with 3,133 shares, Lasco Distributors declined 20 cents to $3.80, trading 1,227,017 stock units, Lasco Financial finished with a loss of 10 cents at $5.10, with 2,100 units. Lasco Manufacturing settled 5 cents higher at $4.05, with 86,223 shares, Main Event ended trading with a loss of 20 cents at $7.45, after 3,079 shares crossed over the exchnage, Medical Disposables jumped 98 cents to $6, with just 200 shares being traded, while Stationery and Office closed with a loss of 50 cents at $8, as investors sold off 656,458 shares and tTech concluded trading with a loss of 15 cents at $5.25, with 16,900 shares changing hands.
Prices of securities trading for the day are those at which the last trade took place.

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