Record 521,000 points for All Jamaica

New record high for the JSE main market.

The main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange hit new record highs in mid-morning trading on Thursday with the JSE All Jamaican Composite Index surpassing the 520,000 mark for the first time.
The JSE All Jamaican Composite Index (AJI) rose 6,011.90 points to a record 521,685.45  and the JSE Index climbed 5,463.24 points to a record 475,064.08 at 10.50 am. The rise to more than 521,000 points on the AJI is a major development. The market has broken through an important resistance level of 520,000 points that has it genesis from as far back as the 2004 and 2005 peak. Continuing rallies above current levels, would confirm a big upside for stocks.
The Junior Market Index climbed 27.55 points to 3,126.49.
In trading, Barita Investments traded 66,243 shares at $45.05,  JMMB Group is up to a record $49.95 with 15,329 shares changing hands, NCB Financial traded 106,754 units at $192. In the Junior Market, Fontana hit a new record of $6 trading 54,772 shares, the stock has gone on to trade at $6.50 with more than 164,00 share trading.

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