2 weeks of record run for JSE stocks

The Jamaica Stock Exchange main market, continues to shatter daily records, with 11 consecutive record close up to Friday, as the all Jamaica composite Index pushes 1,000 points nearer to the 400,000 mark.
The market closed with the All Jamaica Composite Index rising 1,072.57 points higher to a record close at 385,803.63, after peaking around 387,321.24 and the JSE Index gaining 977.24 points to a record close of 351,510.71 after peaking around 352,893.45. Friday’s close brings to 34, the number of record close for the year and 22 since the start of July.
The main market surged to new record at the start of the morning session and continued to create new highs throughout the trading session.
Market activities resulted in just 25 securities trading, including 2 in the US dollar market compared to 30 securities trading on Thursday. At the end of trading, the prices of 12 stocks rose, 11 declined and 2 closed trading, unchanged. The main market ended with 2,715,718 units valued at $59,199,085 compared to 13,536,420 units valued at $68,566,185 changing hands, on Thursday.
The day’s volume was led by, Victoria Mutual Investments with 877,157 units and 32.30 percent of the day’s volume, followed by Sygnus Credit Investments with 483,665 units or 17.8 percent of main market volume and Mayberry Jamaican Equities with 225,459 units 8.3 percent of the volume traded.
Trading resulted in an average of 118,075 units valued at over $2,573,873, in contrast to 483,444 units valued at an average of $2,448,792 on Thursday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 443,910 shares valued $4,190,129, compared to 469,931 shares valued $4,332,558 traded on the immediately preceding trading day. August closed, with an average of 224,564 shares valued at $4,310,285, for each security traded.
In the main market activity, Barita Investments climbed $1.68 to close at $12.95, trading 3,577 shares, as investors show increased interest with plans the new majority owners have for the company, to extract much more profits for it going forward. Grace Kennedy rose $1.39 to end at $58.40, trading 165,573 shares, Jamaica Producers jumped $4 and finished trading of 94,085 units at a record high of $27, Kingston Wharves dropped $2 and ended trading 3,197 stock units to close at $72, NCB Financial Group fell $1 and ended trading 154,635 shares at $129, PanJam Investment gained $1 and closed at $56 trading 77,423 stock units, Portland JSX put on 60 cents in trading 7,377 shares and ended at $9, Sagicor Group rose 69 cents and settled at $39.85, trading 48,812 shares. Seprod added 90 cents to end at $46.90 in trading 11,025 units and Sygnus Credit Investments jumped 91 cents in trading 483,665 shares close at $13.71.
Trading in the US dollar market closed with 94,323 units valued at US$21,208 as , Margaritaville traded 1,740 shares settled and ended at 19 US cents and Proven Investments lost 0.5 cents and ended trading of 92,583 shares at 22.5 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index declined by 1.78 points to close at 167.78.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Choice bid-offer indicator reading is very strong for continuation of the market’s rally and shows 5 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 4 closing with lower offers.

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