12 straight record close for JSE stocks

More records got shattered in trading on The Jamaica Stock Exchange on Monday as the All Jamaica Composite Index (AJI) reached a new high during the trading session at 389,650.08 points, with less than 37 minutes before the close.
While the AJI was pushing closer to the 400,000 mark, JSE Index hit a new high of 355,015.30 having gained 3,504.55 points at 12.23 in the afternoon, before investors pushed down the price of National Financial to the $113 level after it traded for most of the day around the $126-130 level.
The main market closed with just modest gains in the indices and pushed the consecutive daily record close to 12. Monday’s close brings to 35, the number of record close for the year and 23 since the start of July.
The market closed with the All Jamaica Composite Index rising 33.96 points higher to a record close at 385,837.60 and the JSE Index gaining 30.94 points to a record close of 351,541.69.
Market activities resulted in just 33 securities trading, including 1 in the US dollar market compared to 25 securities trading on Friday. At the end of trading, the prices of 15 stocks rose, 8 declined and 10 closed trading, unchanged. Two stocks closed at 52 weeks’ high and while Mayberry Equities traded at a record high of $10.57 but failed to hold on at the close.
The main market ended with 10,670,045 units valued $110,767,731 compared to 2,715,718 units valued at $59,199,085 changing hands, on Friday.
The day’s volume was led by, Wisynco Group with 4,737,868 units 44.4 percent of the volume traded followed by 138 Student Living with 3,333,333 units and 31.24 percent of main market volume and Victoria Mutual Investments with 487,461 units and 4.57 percent of the day’s volume.
Trading resulted in an average of 333,439 units valued at over $3,461,492, in contrast to 118,075 shares valued at $2,573,873 on Friday. The average volume and value for the month to date amounts to 443,910 shares valued $4,190,129, compared to 443,910 shares valued $4,190,129 traded on the immediately preceding trading day. August closed, with an average of 224,564 shares valued at $4,310,285, for each security traded.
In the main market activity, Barita Investments climbed $2.65 to close at a record high of $15.60, trading 3,100 shares, as investors show increased interest in the stock with the new majority owners took control after the recent acquisition of the majority shares. Berger Paints ended at $21.45 after gaining 44 cents with 5,025 stock units trading, Grace Kennedy lost 40 to end at $58, trading 26,924 shares, Kingston Properties rose 25 cents in concluded trading 7,450 shares at $6, Mayberry Investments fell 80 cents and settled at $8 in trading 31,000 units, NCB Financial Group fell $3 and ended trading 147,486 shares at $126, PanJam Investment shed $2 and closed at $54 trading 12,200 stock units, Pulse Investments declined 41 cents and concluded trading of 17,050 shares at $2.39, Sagicor Group fell 85 cents and settled at $39, trading 13,496 shares. Sagicor Real Estate Fund climbed 77 cents and settled at $11.77, trading 352,320 shares. Scotia Group jumped $4.38 to end at a record close of $60.51, after trading 244,840 units, Seprod climbed $3.10 to end at $50 in trading 3,855 units, Stanley Motta jumped 51 cents in trading 41,600 shares close at $5.31 and Wisynco Group rose 25 cents and finished trading 4,737,868 units at $9.10.
Trading in the US dollar market closed with 220,794 units valued at $50,765 as Proven Investments the sole stock trading in this segment of the market, rose 0.5 cents and ended trading at 23 US cents. The JSE USD Equities Index increased 1.74 points to close at 169.52.
IC bid-offer Indicator| At the end of trading, the Choice bid-offer indicator reading is very strong for continuation of the market’s rally and shows 5 stocks ended with bids higher than their last selling prices and 2 closing with lower offers.

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